Behind Closed Doors

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

When I'm happy, my husband is happy too. 
When I'm sad, my husband is sad too (he told me this). 
Aber he is still able to sleep at night.
Aber not me. 

  • I had a funny dream past few nights. In that dream, my mother in law hugged me tightly und all of her actions towards me were telling me that she loves me for who I am. 
  • Ibu if you're reading this, was my dream conveying a hidden message from you to me, the message you've been longing to tell me? 
  • Hehe =D 
  • Syahmi kalau baca ni mesti buat muka TAK heran. Pasal mak mentua Syahmi sah sah loves him. Nyiampahhhh =p 
  • Kalau I jadi mama und menantukan Syahmi Mansor, ..... Hahaha. 
  • Cruelnya Ayla. 
  • Standard lah. 
  • Yang lain, behind closed doors. ;-)
Attention to all parents!

  • Semalam I pergi rumah mama und happy dapat bermain sama anak my step sister. Ya, dalam hidup I ni banyak step step. Ada step up, step down, step by step, etc. I could say that I am blessed with this quite large family of mine. 
  • So yeah, the boy is about Albanna's age und we had great time laughing together. He is so funny that whenever he giggled, Azeem (my younger brother) und I would lol. He definitely has funny giggles. Such brilliant kid. 
  • Albanna on the other hand is a very energetic boy und loves pretending to be a monster with his trademark 'Argghhh!' Oh boy, I miss him und Alayoubi already. 
  • Ok nak buat cerita, around 10pm lebih sikit, Syahmi came und fetched me up. Sampai depan gate, Azeem bawa satu mangkuk full dengan pulut sama serawa durian. Dia beri Syahmi yang duduk dekat driver seat makan. Sekali Azeem cakap, "Abg Syahmi habiskan pun takpe. Ada banyak lagi dalam rumah. Nak Ajim bungkus?"
  • Hati I ni dah dup dap dup dap. Jangan di bungkus Azeem! Kalau ada di rumah kena makan. Dah lah Syahmi und I tengah watch what we eat when we are at home. 
  • Sekali less than 4 minutes Syahmi habis semangkuk makan dalam car! Wow Juara!
  • So now whenever you see my husband, don't be surprised if he looks chubbier than in the year 2011-2012.

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  • The Christians are having their holiday season at the moment. Somehow me too =D How can I focus on my job when all of my loved ones are in Malaysia? Tell me, how? =D
  • Syukur ya Allah. 


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