Ini Tempat Isteri

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

I was never trained or got told on how to be a great wife. Aber I do listen to MOST advices aber NOT ALL. Some of them are just too ridiculous to be put into practice. 

  • Syahmi has been working seven days a week since last two weeks. Thus he has less time to help me around the house, do groceries etc. That is not so important as we don't have kids to manage 24/7. 
  • Aber holiday plans und visits need to be put on hold. Would it be alright if I propose to go on a holiday trip abroad by myself?
  • I guess if Syahmi allows me to do so, I will still hear voices saying, "How could you? Wait until your husband finds another woman, then you'll regret doing what you want."
  • Whuddd??!
  • Nauzubillahiminzalik. 
  • Allahuakbar. If I have a sword, I shall slit his/her throat with it. 
  • May Allah protect us from evil. 

Aunty Ayla misses you both very much.
If anything bad happens to the both of you, I shall blame both of your parents.

  • The thing about our society is most of us tend to instill negative bits about marriage into others. I always tell Syahmi that penyakit Melayu Muslim ialah MENGGATAL. 
  • Now we know the root of the problem, when shall we fix it? Oder it is too comforting for the sinners thus no action is being taken?
  • Don't we learn from histories written in the Al-Quran? 
Dan (ingatlah) hari (ketika) musuh-musuh Allah digiring ke dalam neraka lalu mereka dikumpulkan (semuanya). Sehingga apabila mereka sampai ke neraka, pendengaran, penglihatan dan kulit mereka menjadi saksi terhadap mereka tentang apa yang telah mereka kerjakan. Al-Quran, Fushilat (19-20)
Big girl, Alayoubi eating nasi lemak.

  • Since day one, Syahmi has been emphasizing on the importance of husband und wife being together at all possible times. Now you know und it is no surprise that you get to see me almost everywhere with him eyh. 
  • I didn't understand it back then und refused to go with him. I rasa leceh mula-mula =D hehe. Aber then I slowly realized that as long as everything is still within syariat, my place in Dunya is with him.
  • I've been asking myself whether have I done enough as a wife. It's just something that I cannot seem to measure with my own pair of eyes. 
  • Well, I believe Syahmi knows the answer und Allah knows best.  
  • May Allah guide all of us on how to become better each day. 


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