Juice Works

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Syahmi's maternal grandfather is now in High Dependency Unit. He can no longer walk, oder even speak to us. That unit has no extra chair for visitor to sit. Understandable as it is an intensive care unit. Only two people at a time are allowed to enter. I went in for a couple of minutes then came back out for different air. Then went back in again. The process was repeated for more than three times I guess. Forgive me for I have weak knees. 

Reunited. I literally forgot that I have this Kenwood blender which I used when I was living in England. It was stored nicely at my father's house. Finally it is put to good use. We have a juice maker (someone gave it to us as our wedding gift. danke) aber we decided to use this normal blender instead since we wanted to consume the fiber as well. The juice maker separates fruit fiber from the liquid juice.

  • I came up with an idea of having home made fruits und vegetables juice for dinner. Instead of having more carb und fat, I decided to add more natural vitamins und fiber into our diet. 
  • Well, we'll still consume carb, protein, healthy fat etc. during the day ie. lunch time. 
  • My initial plan was to have juice for dinner at most four times a week aber after having about 400ml of freshly squeezed home made juice last night, we decided to cut off a day. Thus now we will only have it three times a week. 
  • Syahmi agreed to participate so we went out to buy assorted fruits und vegetables. What we have at home after the quick shop:

Green apples

  • You may google for the nutrients und phytochemical of each veges und fruits. 
  • We had Celery + Green apples + Watermelon last night. It was zoopar (super)! Indeed, felt lighter compared to having pasta for dinner. 
The wrong way. Attention! Please put watermelon first und cut the apples in smaller size compared to the ones in this photo. 
  • Know what your body needs. Different fruits/veges have different functions. If you need to detox, then opt for berries. If you need more energy then go for banana oder sweet potatoes.
  • Aber having this healthy juice doesn't mean you can drink a whole 2 liter jug at once. Still watch out for calories people. Consume moderately alright. 
  • In shaa Allah we'll be mixing Beetroot + Carrots + Watermelon tomorrow night. Come und join me. Make your own freshly squeezed juice tonight!  

bon appétit !


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