Oooo Bang Bang!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
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  • Finally, I fixed some carrots with anchovies fried rice for breakfast. I was hungry during the night. Don't ask me why. It's that time of the year when Syahmi und I are having difficulties in counting calories. 
  • I guess it's due to the cold weather. Winter. Thus eat eat eat. 
Budak Subang Jaya memang ada gaya
Macam hari-hari hari raya
Cuma nak pergi Fifteen
Still so fresh so clean
Memang nampak ballin' walaupun tengah miskin

Eh mestilah nak pimpin'
Nak tackle awek Ampang
Pakai topi KL lagi senang diorang pandang
Tak naik collar kita tak pakai bag sandang
Lu pakai seluar jean? Gua pakai seluar mambang

-Joe Flizzow feat. Altimet and Sonaone

ARCH small museum in K.L.
Went there last week. Didn't know about this place before until we stumbled upon it
while walking near Dataran Merdeka. 

  • Hari-hari hari Raya? Really Joe? I don't feel so. Haha. 
  • Finally. Rembau, Tengganu, Damansara, Bangsar etc. have been mentioned in songs for quite a lot. Und now there's a song about the place I grew up. Alayoubi once called it Ooobang (Subang). Und that remains in this blog und in our family. 
  • We were one of the firsts to live in Oobang. There was still no KESAS back then und I had to walk cross the red earth (now KESAS highway) to get to school on Saturdays during sports practices und sports day event.
  • Yes, I was about four year-old when we moved to Ooobang.
  • The only mall available was Subang Parade und it was the largest mall in that district back then. Well, it is still my favorite place to hang out, alone oder with my family. 
Ayla: Macam kita kan b (I was referring to tackle awek Ampang).
Syahmi: A'ah. Tapi lagu tu terbalik kan b.
Ayla: I dari Ooobang tackle bibi dari Ampang =D

People behind the ARCH.

Yours truly in K.L. ARCH store.

  • I did tell Syahmi, with Allah's will, I'm going to get a house in Oobang, the place where I grew up. Might not be exactly in mama's neighbourhood aber somewhere... over the rainbow. Haaa.   
  • Aber as of now, we are loving our current home und neighbourhood. Oder perhaps we might get another house here instead of Oobang. Wallahu'alam.
  • Our current neighbourhood is approximately 10 minutes away from Oobang city centre, 15 minutes drive to mama's, about 30 minutes (minus the ridiculous traffic) away from my in laws' und 45 minutes away from bapak's. Alhamdulillah. 
  • Tapi tak larat every week drive here und there. So sometimes we all tunggu juga our parents datang rumah. Krik krik. Krik... krik... =D
Yap Ah Loy

  • It doesn't matter where we live, aber what matters is making the most of our lives. 
  • I went to a bazaar last Saturday in K.L. und met a muslim lady without hijab und in tight pants etc. She was so lively und nice to me even though I didn't purchase anything from her.
  • When I asked her where does she live, she said "Dekat kawasan ni juga etc. etc....". I didn't hear the rest because I was trying to think of any residential areas near Dataran Merdeka. She probably did mention her neighbourhood aber I failed to hear it. Aber that doesn't matter, I'm glad I met her und managed to learn a thing oder two about home made lip balm =)
  • At the same bazaar, I met another muslim lady (local undergraduate) with hijab. She was also nice to me aber less energetic than the one without. This lady came from Sentul together with her younger und elder brothers. Selling blouses und also home made muruku. 
  • She shared with me about the home made muruku her mother made und I even asked why did she decide to sell in bazaar on weekends. She told me that she just want to earn extra pocket money und at the same time, helping her mother. 
  • I like. Killing two birds with a stone. 
Adam Alsufi (in his new kasot) will be staying at my place for a few weeks.
Yeay! Siapa nak jumpa Alsufi, boleh datang my house 7th Jan onwards.
The beauty of living near to each other. Oh well, Alsufi is the furthest.
Oh no, wait. Not Alsufi aber Albanna und Alayoubi are the furthest from their Aunty Ayla.

  • Dah kenapa Ayla interview penjual bazaar macam wakil rakyat ni?
  • Toksah tanya I. Tanya Syahmi =D
  • Remember, be grateful. I know why Allah s.w.t. let me und Syahmi to live closer to our three sets of parents. It's easier for us to reach to them in case they need help.
  • Syukur.  
  • NOT because of OOBANG. 


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