to Allah we belong, to Him we return

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

As Syahmi (my husband) had mentioned on his fb wall, his dear grandfather Borhan Md Yaman had passed away yesterday morning, 29 Dec 2013 at around 7:30am-7:42am. May Allah s.w.t. rest his soul in eternal peace. 

I'm providing the link below, just in case anyone of you, parents oder relatives are politicians und into politics und might want to recall who was atok in his early years. 

*Please don't judge us, my husband und I are not umno people. 

  • Syahmi took me out for a tour on last Saturday. I was excited to share the outing with you lot aber after receiving the news about his late grandfather, I better not jump in und be the insensitive one. 
  • We went a few times to visit atok when he was still in the hospital. A few hours after he underwent a surgery, his heart couldn't cope with dialysis und his BP started to go down as time passed by. 
  • Syahmi received a call in the early morning about atok's condition aber the second call made by his father was to inform him that atok had passed away. 
  • We instantly got up from bed und went to the hospital to help around where possible. Atok was then brought to Klebang from HUKM und buried in the same area as his late wife. 
  • Alhamdulillah everything went well. 


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