Love vs Debt

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

When I was seven, I didn't know that most people settled for loans in order to purchase a house. I focused more on my Barbies than the roof above my head. 

Salmon patah pasal I curi time masak. Hehe.
A simple salmon in butter with salt pepper, vegetable soup with slippery sohoon und budu (in the small container). I prepared this for Aunt Lisa und I (yesterday's lunch). Feels like having this again for berbuka nanti.
When Alsufi is around, Juiceworks program ke laut!
I somehow feels hungry often. I would munch on fruits oder brownies und chocolates. 

  • A friend I last met circa 2003 came to visit me at my abode. Alhamdulillah. We had a very great chat, updating each other on love, life und death.
  • We enjoyed reminiscing the past, the times we had back in MRSM. She was my roommate, a good one. 
  • She started to bring back old memories aber I was quite afraid for there might be unpleasant memories. So I told her to not mention the bad ones und leave them quietly in the past =D
  • Alhamdulillah she was in the same boat as me, therefore we only talked about the good ones, except for the incident where we secretly watched t.v. without the consent of all wardens.
  • He he he. I totally forgot about that, aber she was certain that I joined the crowd too. She said I was one of the girls behind that secret mission. We hid our dorm slippers inside und left none outside the room, just in case the wardens walked past the room. 
  • Aber unfortunately one of the wardens did. I leave the rest to your imagination. Ha ha ha ha ha!
  • My friend continued: The next morning, that particular warden did mention "Vice president LDP pun yada yada yada." 
  • Oh she was referring to me. So yeah, the whole form 5 girls knew that I was in the guilty party.  =D
  • No sweat. I'm a wife to an LDP guy from MRSM Jasin. I guess he has the empathy. Haha. 
Alayoubi woke up from her afternoon nap.
Eating her tea snack prepared by Tok Mama while sitting on her
favourite counter stool. 

  • Those were the days. When there's still no debt jotted down in my notebook. My passbook was always positive. No money was taken out from my bank accounts. Everything was just in in in. 
  • Life was cool. The only two things that got me stressed up were; studies und LDP. There was no love issues etc. Well, you can put it this way; I am not a beauty queen so no one wanted to date yours truly back then. (It's actually a blessing in disguise! Less issues to deal with ey. Danke schon Allah.)
  • Not until I met with my beloved husband, the one who loves me for who I am und never allows me to change any of my physical features (except for hair if und only if I want my hair to be groomed differently). May this last for eternity. 
For years to come.
  • I seldom write about my husband now. Well, we both don't write about each other on the net that often compared to other married couples. In fact, Syahmi doesn't write anything about me anymore on his facebook. Haha!
  • It's because now we are able to express everything to each other's faces on daily basis! Alhamdulillah. We might miss the lengthy short text messages und love letters, aber now we have each others' eyes to stare at und hands to hold; in good times oder bad. 
  • I guess that helps to flush away husband's thoughts on his necessary debt! Allahumusta'an. 
  • =) 


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