Tackle Bini

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Kekadang bukan kerna tugas
Juga bukan arahan atau pintaan
Mungkin sekadar rasa hati 
Juga kehendak diri

Orang lain malas faham
Halal berdua seperti belangkas
Yang haram kerlih tidak
Yang suci sibuk sibuk

Suka hati
Style kau tackle bini
-Ayla 230114- 

  • Dah lebih seminggu I tak update blog ni. Banyak perkara nak share tapi semangat tiada. 
  • Adam Alsufi und Umi Lisa are no longer staying with me ;-( Bapak had taken them back to his palace. Alsufi is now chubbier und heavier. I know that he misses me themost. Ha ha ha!
  • So they left my place on last Sunday after breakfast. I then went to Ooobang to send Ajim home. Thought of doing some work at mama's aber I ended up sleeping the whole two hours or so. 
  • On Sunday evening, we went to see a forum in Masjid. The panelists talked about Rasulullah s.a.w. A very inspiring und motivated forum. Ustazah Hafizah said if we selawat continuously for 45 minutes, in sha Allah we'll selawat for a thousand times. She had monitored und counted earlier on. SubhanAllah. 
  • Jadi kepada yang selalu tersekat dalam kesibukan jalan raya, boleh lah guna masa untuk selawat. Kepada yang sedang menunggu komuter atau LRT yang selalunya penuh waktu sibuk, boleh lah selawat. Setidak tidaknya kita berusaha dan in sha Allah Rasulullah s.a.w. akan kenal kita dan bantu kita di hari kiamat kelak. 

  • On Monday, I accompanied my mom to PNB und Tabung Haji, together with Ajim. In sha Allah that would be mama's last visit to PNB. May Allah guide us all. There were so many people queuing und we had to wait for two hours. 
  • One of the staffs shared with us that she herself was amazed on the number of people waiting to be served. Huge crowds were usually seen only in the first two weeks of January aber this year, it stretches until the third week. 
  • So, do you know what it means?
  • Perhaps people don't want to eat Kangkung und still want to enjoy fine cuisine. Oder, instead of saving for their children education funds, they still want to splurge on a RM1500-RM3000 stroller for their new born babies (who can't even appreciate anything just yet).
  • There are indeed too many 'RICH' people nowadays. Aber, if Malaysia has many 'WEALTHY' people, why does the crime rate keeps on increasing?
  • Krik..Krikk..
  • Who knows Edward de Bono? Lets just ask him shall we. Which thinking hat should we use on a daily basis so that we can come to our senses.  
  • Kalau cara nak tackle awek tunjuk duit, tackle bini tunjuk apa?
  • Ke tak tackle langsung lepas kahwin? ;-)
  • Which is it, of the favours of your Lord that you deny? (Ar-Rahman:13)


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