Walk und Sit Ups, Resolutions?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

It's alright. Don't offer me ubat langsing etc. My husband, parents, in laws und myself have been feeding me very well.
The bigger the belly, the more prosperous one is. Hahahahahahaha =D
Just joking.
My step mom's luscious chicken kuzi. Nyums!

  • I went to Syahmi's late grandparents' kampong last Saturday, a few ladies came to me und asked am I pregnant. My answer was simple, "No. Ni gemok."
  • I'm not sure whether my tummy was really bulging oder my blouse looked like a maternity one. But I am very sure that my blouse IS NOT a maternity blouse. 
  • I was not mad at all aber I was indeed curious. How much weight have I gained since the start of current raining season? 
  • Am I that F A T?
Neighbour 17: Adik dah kahwin ke??
Ayla: Dah kak ;-)
Neighbour 17: Ingatkan student yang masih belajar! Nampak muda.
Ayla: (dah kak jangan cakap lebih, I really don't know how to react. Haha!)

  • I selalu pikir, kalau I kurus, I mungkin nampak tua sebab skin tak stretch sangat untuk accommodate lemak sejati =D
  • Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • I don't care really. Just as long as I don't get my legs hurt for not walking as much as I should. Really?
  • I've been lifting weights since a few months ago und I really feel good every time doing it. Not that I do it on a daily basis though. Ngaaa...
  • As always, I went out to Poslaju Center this morning und went straight to Bank Islam, to sort out some RM. Alhamdulillah, managed to walk again.
  • I want to walk more often starting today. Not so much of a new year resolution aber something that I really need to do. 
  • You people who work like me, most of the time in front of a computer, we better start counting steps. 
  • Ada treadmill letak bawah office desk tak? Sambil work, sambil jalan =p

  • Thank you ladies for asking whether I'm pregnant oder not. Other than my current diet of having only freshly squeezed juice for dinner three times a week, I'll do sit ups und push ups at least three times a week plus more walking at night too alright. 
  • May Allah ease =D
  • Kalau I masih nampak sihat, anggap aje lah I keturunan Arab yang suaminya suka isteri gempal. Aha!


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