Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

The less friends you have, the happier you are. - Mufti Ismail Musa Menk
Hi all. My name is Juaini and I am five years old.
My parents are engineers und soon I want to be like them.
Nope. I ended up running an online store, from home instead =D
May Allah s.a.w. bless us all.

  • I was quite gobsmacked to hear Mufti Ismail said that to all of us in the auditorium (PICC). He himself has been feeling that way. I kind of agree too. 
  • I have more than 300 friends on facebook aber only two oder three of my friends constantly exchanging greetings with me. What happen to the rest?
  • There were times when I thought it was all my fault, for not initiating the 'first' conversation with them. So I did try by sending some of them private messages on facebook. For example:
Ayla: Assalamualaikum *. How are you? =)
* : Waalaikumsalam. Baik alhamdulillah. You?
Ayla: Alhamdulillah sihat. blablablabla.
* : Bla bla bal.
Ayla: Bila free boleh meet up. 
*: inshaAllah.

  • Conversations normally end with "inshaAllah" und it takes another whole year for us to communicate again. Typical. 
  • So I started to question, do some of my facebook friends really want to befriended me? Oder they just enjoy browsing photos of their friends on facebook?
  • I have a friend who used to say this to me, "Tak ada duit ke nak call? Text je?"
  • Ey ey ey. I was the one who initiated our conversation after months, und she had the gut to tell that to me? If I can recall, it was after Maghrib und I didn't want to interrupt her holiday with the family. So I thought a text will do. 
  • At the end of the day I decided to forgive her, for I know how the way she was brought up. 
Had you groom the child correctly, they will never do that to you. - Mufti Ismail Musa Menk

Und this is my husband during our holiday, a trip away from home. He loves to call me alHabibi oder alAini oder alAyla. He was not my friend during our first year in college. We only became friends during our second year in MCB.

  • I may have not contacted all of my friends from previous schools, college und universities. I admit that I do forget their names und the way they look. Greatest apology to that. 
  • I myself may not be a good friend too!
  • Aber it would be nice if we reply messages instead of just keeping quiet.
  • ;-)
  • Ah friends. Haha.


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