Manusia Tamak Haloba Tetapi Kedekut Kikir

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

It is very sad to see how some people really look forward to make money out of Pr1ma housing scheme (you figure it out how. I'm not telling). Same goes to those who get to live in government quarters aber end up renting rooms oder the whole unit to other people. Aren't government quarters und Pr1ma housing scheme were meant to help those who are in real NEED?

In Tanah Haram, people don't talk about what they have oder own in Dunya. We are all equal. We queue for the same Zam Zam drink und we eat same kurma etc. no matter where we stay, either in 7 stars hotel oder no stars hotel. 

  • I reckon those who received BR1M to park the RM300 or so in physical gold. So that instead of just in electronic form, you get to have it real in your hands. As of today, you might only get 2 grams of gold since the price is around RM145/gram. 
  • Even though it is not advisable to purchase for investment at that rate (I usually purchase when the price is below RM136/gram), I still think it is better than keeping it in cash oder electronic form. Mind you that most fund agents are not willing to entertain those who only want to invest below RM10k. 
  • So opt for gold young ones ;-)
  • I don't sell gold und I AM NOT A GOLD AGENT. I don't get any profit or royalty by stating the above. 
  • Aber I reckon you lot to purchase gold from banks with Islamic Gold Account (syariah compliant). NOT through some gold agents selling on facebook, twitter oder instagram etc. 
Oh we had Krispy Kreme doughnuts in Madinah =D

  • Oder instead of splurge the BR1M money on new Nike shoes, new headphones, etc. you can use it to buy food for the poor oder even for your own family. Remember, whatever we give to other people, Allah s.w.t. gives us more in return. Don't we all want surprises from Allah s.w.t.?
  • =)
  • Lets together avoid from being "manusia tamak haloba lagi kedekut kikir".
  • Allahu Musta'an. 


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