Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Everyone is busy working. Not that I'm blaming them. It would be nice, if Allah s.w.t. made us wealthy, Syahmi can opt for sabbatical leave. Aber we are not for Allah knows why. Someone needs to get food on the table, as of now, for two und a half.
Sorry ladies. Ada yang tak nampak muka sebab I don't have your fb.
Khuatir ada yang tak suka wajah di reveal. Yang I biar tu, you ladies kan active je dekat my news feed. Hehe.
Baking session with friends. Oh my, towards the end baru tahu I yang paling tua. Ok kalau tak paling pun, I second tua sebab I rasa Zaffan lahir dulu even though same year. Hehe. Not that I have a mixer at home yang bolehkan I bake cakes lepas ni. More to saja nak berjumpa dengan kawan-kawan. In sha Allah I nak try buat cheese tart yang Zaffan ajar during session itu, say this week? Hehe.
Bibi! Jom keluar beli handmixer murah satu. Nak tunggu dari UK berbulan baru tiba T_T.

  • Since we got back from Melaka (short vacation), I felt something was not right with my body. Not that I ate all the time aber my tummy felt full und some other body parts were quite sore. To sum things up, I hated my body. 
  • The day after my first visit to a clinic, I started to feel nauseous, nausea. Oh I didn't und still fail to embrace whatever sickness there is. I just told Syahmi yesterday, "I tak suka. I tak suka everything!" . Just a few seconds after saying that, I let out vomitus, at 7:06pm (yes in the evening). Syahmi was with me in the bathroom, I'm pretty sure now he understood what I meant earlier on. 
Ayah Wan kelim kelim meat puff dia.
Nampak on the left tu? Ummi Lisa punya homemade dumpling y'all!

  • My biological mom und mother in law are still busy working. None of them is ready to retire just yet. Aber syukur alhamdulillah ummi Lisa is here with me. Instead of yours truly prepares food for ummi Lisa, it's the other way around. I am feeling so bad for not being able to look after Adam und prepare food for ummi Lisa, aber nausea hits me well during the day. I have been out of the office for more than five days, I am unable to look at the computer und phone screen that long, I can't stand that long (had to sit every 15-20 minutes or so while out shopping with aunt Lisa) und plus with this kind of hot weather, it contributes to the heavy coughing und nausea. 
  • I remember preparing only Spaghetti Bolognese for Syahmi und aunt Lisa before I went out with a friend of mine. Instead of cooking, I bought KFC, restaurant food, char kuey teow etc. for dinner. 
  • To aunt Lisa, thank you very much for the luscious dumpling, ginger chicken, fried noodle etc. Und I thank you for your company, plus Adam. May Allah reward you with goodness und happiness. In sha Allah, I'll be kicking again in the kitchen once I'm well. Will make you mashed potato ;-)
    Dapat juga pizza mama =D
  • I'm nervous. I'm unwell.
  • Not enjoying this pregnancy at the moment. Don't tell me this, "Nak sangat anak. Rasakan."
  • I always leave everything to Allah Azza Wajalla. Only Allah und those who put effort in knowing me, understand my situation und how I've been feeling. It's the other people who constantly request for a baby from 'me', I'm observing you lot. For I want to know how will you treat, react und behave when this baby is finally in your arms.  
  • I need more help than ever. 
  • Thank you mama, ayah Wan, Cuchom, Afiq, ummi Lisa und Syahmi for the great afternoon yesterday. Gathering with you lot really helped in reducing my worries, for that short moment. 
  • May Allah ease. 
  • Please make Doa for me and my family everyone. Jazakumullah Khayran.


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