Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Love at first sight. Not really. Just a few days of observations made the Italian gentleman fell for her, a foreign lady, married with a child. 

The lady was on holiday, together with her husband, child und parents. Not knowing that she too will end up embracing the gentleman's love, she stayed in that particular rented apartment until the very last day. 

No one managed to discover their secret romance. Every time when the gentleman wanted to get closer to her, visions of her husband und child came in mind. She explained und the gentleman understood. Thus a distance of two feet was made. 

A few hours before she had to leave for good, they escaped for a little while, just the two of them. Aber this time, they held hands. The gentleman was utterly saddened by the fact that she had to leave. 

They sat outside a cafe, still looking out for someone might caught them together. She looked at her watch, it was already 2:30p.m. then she asked him "Am I leaving at three or four?" He answered with a smile, "Of course at four."

That was his last smile for her. He was extremely heartbroken at the thought of this gracious lady leaving. 

She finally left him at the cafe. For they both understood that she couldn't leave her husband und child just to indulge in their non-eternal ideal romance. 

  • I find the short story above interesting. I learnt that we should always think straight und avoid from always giving way to temptations. 
  • Sacrificing for others somehow helps us too. Sort of blessings in disguise I would say. 
  • Sometimes, making decision is not as easy as it seems. Especially when the world is not all about us. Und when we realize that our lives are not all bed of roses. 
  • Learn from the more experienced ones. Avoid from deliberately making mistakes. May Allah s.w.t. help us all the time.  


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