Guten Morgen

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Siapa boleh bikin lauk for three pax, four times a week (Mon-Thurs) and bisa deliver to my house before noon? I'll pay you. 


  • I guess Japanese cuisine really helps in putting me to sleep without feeling drowsy. Und I no longer enjoy eating guava aber I am now into fresh mango, the sour ones. Blame the hormones. 
  • So now Syahmi has to make sure that we don't run out of mango and grapes at home. Other than the AL-Quran, these two fruits do help in keeping me sane. Haha!
  • I woke up today missing our flat in Southampton plus the ambience. Oh my oh my. 
  • Happy Birthday mama! Moga Allah memberi kesihatan yang superb, sentiasa beri ma perasaan cukup and may you spend less time on your Samsung Note ;-) Hehe. 
  • Go out bowling like you used to do ma. I don't think I'm able to bowl now. I bowl perut boleh lah. Confirm semua pins jatuh. Strike! teng teng teng.
  • Happy belated Birthday to Yo, Afiq und abg Zul too! Ayla dah tak se-active dulu on facebook and gadget so semua birthday wishes di tangguh. 
  • Syahmi cakap kalau I update blog tulis "I'm bored" pun sufficient. Wahlaw. At least he has something to read on a daily basis. Funny lah b. 
  • Now true crime novels jadi peneman. So you better not do anything negative ya b. I have all the skills to .... Muaha haha haha.  
  • I realized that March born ni orang-orang nya loving und family type. Brilliant. 
Alsufi nak gi sejid solat jumaat pakai kopiah.
  • Nanti I update lagi. InshaAllah. 
  • Now nak sleep lagi. 
  • Muahaha.
  • Walrus kena hibernate =)


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