Sins Und Secrets

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

We all have secrets that we have been keeping for years, not wanting anyone to know except Allah s.w.t. We don't prefer to have our sins revealed for the world to know. So is it ethical for us to write the 'sins' of others on Facebook, twitter etc.? 

Worms, roses, karipap etc. 

  • I still remember the incident at 2:00 a.m. when my husband woke me up und telling me that he had difficulty in breathing. I was quite panicked aber tried to stay calm und with my eyes half opened (due to the sleep und dryness etc.) I drove him to the nearest hospital in Bangi. We were staying at bapak's, just the two of us. 
  • I guess there were red lights that I langgar etc. If someone managed to capture me on camera, he/she probably had me uploaded on facebook together with a NASTY caption. 
  • I was in a hurry und once we arrived at the hospital, Syahmi got a shot und instantly went drowsy. Luckily the male nurse got him before he fell to the ground from his seat. Syahmi was then put on a bed for him to rest. We stayed quite a while at the hospital (hour +) before I drove back home. 
  • Obviously this driver a.k.a yours truly was quite in a panic mode und only wanted to arrive at the hospital safely und as fast as I could so that Syahmi could get treated immediately.

  • I have my own secrets und I don't wish others to know what my sins are. I am grateful that I have Allah s.w.t. Who constantly hears my prayers und Doa without me having to reveal to the world. 
  • So let us stop revealing others' mistakes on Facebook oder twitter. Not nice. Nicht gut. What if other people share the things we don't want people to know on Facebook? 
  • May Allah have mercy upon us all. 


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