The Bolster

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I told Syahmi that I feel like buying something for myself aber I don't know what. I did mention a car aber I don't need it. I guess I'll get myself a plate of Moroccan lamb shank then. Jom bibi. 

Nah Ayla's mashed potato. Senonoh kan served dalam mixing bowl je.
Janji sedap =D Nanti bila dah sihat I nak masak puas-puas.
Now still tak boleh bau raw meat. T_T

  • I've been having trouble sleeping at night since the past three weeks. Syahmi would arrange pillows and cushions to make me feel more comfortable. Aber a third of the night, I would wake up from tummy discomfort etc. 
  • Aber I had a good sleep at ibu's. I reckon it was due to a bolster supporting my back und tummy. 
  • So before we purchased a bolster, we went to scout for maternity pillow. Oh boy, nothing less than RM170 per piece at Modernmum. Mothercare's selling it at RM200 plus.  
  • Aber Syahmi got me a pair of comfy genuine leather shoes from Modernmum at only RM80! It was on sale (normal price RM200 plus). What a bargain. 
  • We then stumbled upon pillows und bolsters 'galore' at Parkson. I settled for the softer bolster which we got for RM18 per piece after Syahmi requested for further discount. Wahlaw! I didn't know that one can do that at Parkson ie. bargaining.  
My first ever bolster after more than 14 years or so of not having it in bed with me. May you continue supporting my growing tummy und my back. 
    • I'm still trying to update this blog frequently, like I used to do. 
    • Biiznillah.   


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