Family Beats Money

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Some people questioned on how am I able to stay connected with my step families (especially with my step parents) und how easy it is for me to accept them as part of my life. Well, my only answer to that is, "Nobody loses anything instead we all gain beautiful experience und I don't have any reasons to hate so why not?

Askar Mongol

  • Bapak 'angkut' his kids to stay with him und ummi Lisa for a night at a hotel near our abode. Und why didn't we lepak at my place? Ahaaaa there's no bath tub at my place. Hahaha. 
  • We had tons of fun with Adam. Und I'm glad that bapak und ummi Lisa got to have breakfast date without Adam. I volunteered to look after Adam while bapak und ummi out for a date. Hehe.
  • Even though Adam is quite big for his age, he is indeed a healthy baby. Alhamdulillah. He already shows interest in food aber is still not allowed to consume anything else other than milk. He demands to be at the table while the grown-ups eat. 
  • Boy boy...
  • After having lunch at Empire, we walked to Subang Parade where ummi shopped for Adam. He got new cap, shoes und multiple pairs of socks. Nice. Und just before it rained heavily, we managed to cross back to our hotel where I then relaxed in a bubble bath. 
  • =D
  • I love water aber I am afraid of the sea und river. 
  • I love water aber I don't fancy swimming in an open area. Probably I should get myself a foldable swimming pool. So that I can enjoy soaking in water while watching my favorite show in the living room. Clever! =D
Askar Tibet und Askar Russia.

  • When we were still living in England in the year 96, mama stressed on how important it is to stay as a unit. We were told that family is very important und no matter how badly we quarrel, we need to stay as a unit. 
  • Well, I used to 'hate' my elder brother for reading my diaries (huhu I had more than one diary ok. jaman budak budak =p ). I used to 'hate' him whenever he kicked oder hit me. Aber that was in the past when both of us were merely kids. 
  • I know it's not easy to always be positive aber there is no reason for us not to try und give up. We can't expect things to be good when we don't even try to make it happen. 
  • Right?
This is my husband. If you see this man please let him know that his wife is longing for his nasi padprik. Hehe.
Enjoying his Choco Petite from The Loaf und his cup of coffee that was made with love by me.

  • If we come from a 'broken' family, it doesn't mean that we should continue living that way. 
  • Get up on our feet und start counting our blessings. 

  • To bapak und ummi Lisa, thank you for the treat =)
  • Jazakumullah khairan. 


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