My Kind Of Weather

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Husband knows what kind of weather that I love. I woke up on Saturday morning to my kind of weather. I nearly shed tears aber I kept it inside. Since we can't afford to travel abroad just yet due to my pregnancy, I'm glad that we could experience it here.

Yes, she's no longer a baby.
The one who used to call me "Wo".

  • The first four und a half months of my pregnancy did not go that well. I was not 'me'. The weather was hot und dry. Even with ACs switched on in the whole house, nothing made me comfortable.  
  • So I started praying for rain. 
  • =)
This baby will get to experience his first food (other than milk) in a few days time. All the best ummi =D 

  • I saw a number of posts regarding ilmfest yesterday on facebook. We were 'this' close in getting at least a free ticket from iMuslim aber I had reserved Saturday for Kak Mira und 'her' nasi dagang. 
  • So I did not participate in the quiz, furthermore the answers were not available in my notes. Haha. 
  • SubhanAllah. Sedapnya! I don't normally go for Nasi Dagang if there's Nasi Kerabu aber I guess this baby wanted Nasi Dagang instead of the blue rice. I literally enjoyed it plus had a great time outing with Kak Mira und mama while husband was out on voluntary work. 
  • (I'm currently listening to Florence + the Machine while blogging =D )
  • Who is Kak Mira?
  • Yes I never did blog about her before aber I'm telling you lot that, parts of her resemble my late aunt Aishah. 
See I told you!
Lunch with Kak Mira und mama. I managed to korek life in kampung. Nyaman! =)
Thank you for the nasi dagang und your time Kak Mira.

  • I do miss Aunt Aishah so much. I received a private message from another friend of mama's saying sort of like this, "sudah makbul doa arwah untuk ayla". I believe that Aunt Aishah is now in a better place. Dunia is nothing compared to the alam Barzakh for the believers. 

Dear Aunt Aishah, your cucu is now about 27cm long und I got to experience his/her first two kicks on 16th May at about 0032 hrs. Amazing eyh :) Und I pray that we'll see each other again. Und would like to introduce you to Kak Mira. She reminds me of you. Such a nice lady ;) 

Teachers at school bukan main lagi shared photos presents bertimbun-timbun students beri on facebook ya =D Hehe. I got a rose for teacher's day too. Dari bapak budak yang tendang I dua kali tengah malam tempoh hari =p Hehe. 

  • I am glad to have great people around me. I am no good myself so I really need them. 
  • Please wake me up whenever you see me about to dive into a deep sleep. 


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