Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

It has been days since I last upload an entry. Last week's syarahan Kitab Hikam was canceled due to the passing of Imam besar masjid. They had Yasin recitals und jamuan instead. 

  • My brothers und biological father are football fans. Just like most of you, they would wake up early morning to watch World Cup matches. Aber not me. 
  • Not me. 
  • Not that I despise football aber Syahmi und I would only watch when we happen to watch it. 
  • My father in law und step father are not into football. My step father is crazy over golf. He travels to other countries just to play golf with his clan. 
  • So you see, these men haven't managed to influence me to like any of their favourite sports. 
  • =)
Adam Alsufi greeted me with his handsome smile.
It is true; how kids can bring out the best in you. 

  • Hari ini I nak sebut tentang perkahwinan dan wang hantaran. Kita semua tahu bahawa makin hari harga penyediaan perkahwinan makin tinggi. Tidak lupa juga dengan selera masyarakat Malaysia yang agak susah untuk mengukur baju di badan sendiri. 
  • Itu sebab I nasihatkan supaya kepada yang mudah terpengaruh untuk tidak menonton rancangan-rancangan perkahwinan yang tertera di telivisyen. 
  • Ramai TAHU akan jamuan SEDERHANA dan TIDAK MEMBAZIR tetapi masih ada yang berpegang kepada "It's a once in a life time event. I definitely want it to be big ang glamorous. It's my day. MY DAY!"
  • Oppsss....
  • Jika ditanya I kembali, memang tidak akan I tempah tukang make-up dan beli baju berhinggit hinggit untuk walimah. Sebab itu I berani untuk share kepada yang bakal berkahwin nanti untuk tidak membayar sesuatu yang TIDAK PERLU. 
Hey brothers.

  • My younger brother opened up a bit to me regarding wang hantaran. He is quite surprised on how 'greedy' people can be when it comes to wedding. 
  • "Tak boleh ke kahwin simple and wang hantaran tu tak mahal-mahal?"
  • I told him that it may happen if und only if he finds a good lady with nice family. It won't work if we are the only party who understands what wedding is all about. Marriage due to Lillahita'ala is the best principal in Islam. 
  • Und do not marry someone that you cannot respect. Marriage doesn't solve all problems. Remember that. 
  • I have two single brothers while Syahmi has four unmarried siblings. I pray that they will not see marriage as a burden aber something to look forward for. May Allah ease und guide them.  


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