Daily Routine?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Salam Ramadham Kareem to muslims around the globe. Lets not forget the less fortunates. 

  • Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah it's Ramadhan. I still remember celebrating Ramadhan in Mekah with mama und my step father. Phenomenal. An experience I wish not to forget. 
  • Aber this Ramadhan means a lot to me too. I had doubt in myself, whether I'll be able to fast with a baby in me. Syukur alhamdulillah everything goes well so far. I don't crave for any specific food und I'm enjoying it.
  • On the third day of Ramadhan, I finally realized the suitable daily routine for me. So that I'm able to work a couple of hours during the day und get all energized for long prayers during the night. Syukur Allah. 
  • I always make sure that I wake up for sahur aber during weekend, Syahmi helps by ringing me through skype. Thanks bibi! 
  • Since we're 13 hours apart, it's not that bad in keeping track with each other's activities. When I sleep, he's at work. When I'm at work, he's asleep. Easy peasy. 
Reminiscing on how I first started with The Sale in England =)
I was the headless model while Syahmi was the cool photographer.
Thank you for your endless support bibi.

Reminiscing on how I first started with The Sale in England =) 
I was the headless model while Syahmi was the cool photographer. 
Thank you for your endless support bibi.

  • I never thought that I have to go through three weeks of Ramadhan without my husband around. Aber we both pray to Allah for anything that is best for us. Redha. 
  • When redha comes, I'm not affected by posts on facebook about wives cooking for their husbands, about married couples enjoying iftar und sahur together etc. Und I don't weep over things with the word 'husband' in it. Yeah right~ Hihi.
  • Aber this DOESN'T mean that I don't miss my husband. We miss each other okay~
  • But I do cry listening to a melancholic indonesian song while driving to work. Bahahahahahaha! Well, I cheekily blame the baby =p 
  • I always believe after hardship comes ease und together with rewards =)

  • After two days of working in front of the computer, I decided to go out for groceries shopping in Mydin yesterday. Not the one close to my home. I went crazy over Glade scented gel so I bought three packs. Haha. It is cheaper compared to the ones selling in Tesco. 
  • I love fragrances. I used to indulge in Woods of Windsor when I was in England. My favourite is the True Rose collection. Aaaaa nais nais nais. Probably will start looking for it again after giving birth. Just another plan ;-)
  • Aber now I find Glade morning freshness interesting und affordable. Well, I still reserve lavender for the bathroom. I don't fancy having scents of lavender in bedrooms oder living room. I guess I had been conditioned that lavender only suits the bathroom. Haha!
  • I better stop now und reply my return/potential customers' messages =) I'm slowly getting back on track with blogging. Will update tomorrow, Biiznillah. 


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