Forgetful und Be Merry

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I have been a forgetful person since a few weeks ago. Aber syukur Allah, my long term memory is still alright.

I love fresh flowers. Going to get some for raya biiznillah.

  • Some people get so uptight when others do not oder unable to help them. If we get crossed when no one seems to be filling up our tabung derma, we should ask ourselves why before judging the crowd. 
  • Doa is another form of help. As Muslims we should take that into account. Unless one has minimal faith in Allah s.w.t., then no one is able to help he/she with that. 
  • Maybe we should start watching the Islamic sinetron from Indonesia. They normally exaggerate their characters und plots aber jam packed with moral values. I've only seen one oder two aber the one I remember most is; a poor guy selling mirrors on cart got bullied etc. aber ended up being rich due to his submission to Allah s.w.t. He then continues helping the needy.
geradeaus, geradeaus

  • When somebody boycotts McDonald, you say: "Alah kejap je tu boycott. Tak kemana. Kalau aku offer McChicken dia ngap juga nanti tu."
  • When someone asks you to make Doa for the oppressed Syrians, you say: "Jiran sendiri kebulur, nak suruh aku Doa untuk rakyat lain pulak."
  • When somebody be kind to you, you say: "Allah. Poyo baik je tu."
  • When someone spread the words of Allah s.w.t., you say: "Ustaz jadian lah tu. Berangan."
  • So, what is actually wrong with you?
geradeaus, geradeaus

  • We should not patronize those who do good. Instead, we should try und do better than them. Biiznillah.
  • May Allah guide us all. 
  • Salam Friday.


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