Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ich heiße Ayla.Wie heißt du?

  • When I was 11, I had to learn French at school. Not just that, it is compulsory for Muslims to learn Urdu too. Oh boy, these two languages are not for me. In the first French lesson, I was taught on how to differentiate names. Celine is definitely a woman. I knew that long time ago due to Celine Dion ;-)
  • My first Urdu lesson did not go that well. The guy teacher conversed in Urdu from start to finish. I did not understand a thing. The class was full with students (the room is smaller than the French class), barely had any space left to stretch. 
  • So I decided not to pursue these two languages in tertiary education. 
  • Aber what did I take? Deutsch. Syahmi too. 
  • Und du?

  • One of the things that I learn from Syahmi is; a person is actually capable of doing more than just going out to work during the day. Sometimes I make an effort to ask him whether is he tired oder not, aber most of the time his reply is very simple, "No."
  • Aber eventually I can tell that he is very tired as he finds it very easy to doze off at 2330 hours onwards. 
  • Well, to compare with what the mujahiddin in other countries are doing/facing, our effort is way too little. Too little. 
  • I believe that there are many of us who love to help those who are in need. I applaud all of you for that und praying, may Allah s.w.t. grant us steadfastness. 
  • Ikhlas. Ikhlas. No one knows other than Allah s.w.t.

  • It's wednesday (mittwoch) today, like some of you, I'm working und it is my own choice. I believe there are people who take leave just to embrace the month of Ramadhan by doing lots of ibadah. While some take leave just to earn extra money by selling at Ramadhan bazaar. Then there are some people who take leave just to help those who are in need.
  • What ever we do, remember that there is nothing in dunia that lasts (abadi). Do things due to Allah s.w.t. If we work, work for Allah s.w.t. If we recite the Quran, recite for the sake of no one else aber Allah. etc.
  • If we have lots of time to play pool during our 'free' time, then we have to make sure that we have time to help others. If we can score points from pool game, we surely can grab any opportunities to gain more pahala. 
  • Again it's mittwoch. Just a few days left before the 'lazy' Saturday comes. Lets prepare ourselves to always be ready for those who are in need. Well, we don't have to go that far, we can always lend a hand to any of our family members too. 
  • Yeah? 
  • Walaupun ada pihak menghalang kita dari melakukan kebaikan, abaikan mereka. Teruskan dengan suruhan Allah s.w.t. 


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