Berpendirian, Bukan Kurang Ajar

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ada di antara kita anak perempuan yang mak-mak mengajar supaya kita bisa berdikari, berpendirian diri etc. untuk mampu kita menempuhi hidup di dunia. Kerana mak-mak lebih memakan garam berbanding anak. Tetapi ini bukan bermaksud kita BOLEH biadab dengan suami di alam perkahwinan. Moga kita semua berhati-hati.

  • I'm not the type who prepares fried noodle for breakfast. If I feel like having some, I'll wait for the weekend at my in laws oder when I'm in Oobang (buy from a small vendor). Today, I packed Hershey's sandwich for Syahmi. Done. 
  • So what did you have for breakfast?
  • Adam Alsufi loves rice. He could have it day und night. When ummi Lisa tried to feed him instant cereal oder yoghurt, he pulled a face. 
Definitely not these faces when introduced to instant cereal.
  •  I know how mothers want their children to be as independent as possible. During that process, mothers teach their children on how to stand up for themselves und not to abide to ridiculous teachings und instructions. 
  • Aber when there is a glitch during the learning process, a child might grow up to be cocky, arrogant. Most of the time, no one else is correct except himself/herself.
  • To ponder upon ourselves is one of the keys to improve. There is always room for improvement ;-)
The loving Alayoubi with funny Albanna.
At the airport...
Ayla: I love you. Nanti bila baby dah keluar, aunty beri baby skype dengan Almira ok.
Almira: Ok. Pukul berapa nak skype?
Ayla: Hahaha. Not today. Another two months. Now is August then..
Almira: September, October.
Ayla: Correct. Then only you can skype with the baby.
Almira: Okay ;)

  • When Alayoubi und Albanna were around, I asked both of them whether oder not they like each other. They both answered me a solid "No."
  • Aber when I took them to the park right in front of Tok Mama's, I observed on how Alayoubi cared for her little brother. She made sure that the brother didn't meddle with mischievous kids by shouting "Amir!" 
  • I used to be in their shoes. I always quarreled with my elder brother when we were young. I sort of 'hate' him back then. Huhu. 
  • Aber I was taught to deal with the problems myself. No matter how many times I reported to mama, I'll get scolded too oder my parents were too busy with something else that they tend to punish both of us instead. So what's the point of reporting? Deal with it!

  • I received a beautiful reminder from Syahmi's cousin during third Syawal. She advised me to constantly check on my relationship with Syahmi ie. the way I speak und treat him. 
  • It is crucial to speak politely to our husbands und continuously treating them kindly, no matter how vocal und opinionated we are. 
  • Same goes to husbands. Find time to reflect und make efforts to see the beauty of your wives. 
  • May Allah ease. 


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