Five, Six und Twenty 8

Assalamualaikukm w.b.t.

Syukur Allah.
Happy 6th Anniversary abang und sis Shida!
Happy 5th Anniversary to my beloved husband Syahmi!

I've been learning a lot from both of my moms, mama und ummi Lisa.
Thank you for everything.

  • Most of us know what life is all about. Aber sometimes we forget on how to run ours the proper way. Not blaming anybody, aber ourselves.
  • As for the Muslims, we have Allah s.w.t. to turn to. He listens to the things we say und the things we hide inside. He forgives our sins und bless us with His Rahmat. He never forget us even when we do forget Him. 
  • The beauty of embracing Islam und being a Muslim. Masya Allah. 

  • Other than preparing stuffs for our baby, Syahmi decided to prepare more for me. It has been years since I last upgraded my computer/machine und on the last 12th August, he surprised me with one, in blood red. Of course, my favourite colour.
  • He said he couldn't wait til tomorrow (which was my birthday) that he had to give a few hours earlier. I guess he was more excited than me, in celebrating my birthday =p
  • I was gobsmacked to receive the red machine. I thought it was a picture frame aber I was wrong. 
  • Und since I have this red machine, there is no excuse for me not to blog in bed. 
  • Pandai Syahmi ni. Rupanya ini caturannya =p Hahaha. 
  • Und guess what I had for my birthday dinner treat?
Century eggs =D
  • As for our 5th anniversary, we did not celebrate over a candlelight/candlelit dinner. Well, we never did. Haha. 
  • We were busy being around our loved ones, sending Mr. Josey und his family to KLIA.
  • Our anniversary gift will pop out soon insyaAllah =)
  • Please make Doa for us. May Allah reward you lot with goodness. 


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