Give Me The Tools

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

As most of you know that I'm an engineering graduate. I know how to fix stuffs if you provide me with the right tools. I used to cut und bend thick metals, I made my own screws, I've had the experience of putting car engine parts together, I know how to weld thin und thick steels etc. To the things I haven't done, just show me once und insyaAllah I'll be able to complete it. Biiznillah. So, who wants to hire me? ;-)

SpiderDam practicing with the spider guru.

  • Syukur Allah for the flu I'm currently having. It has been three days now und the only home remedy I consumed is warm honey und lime drink. Any other possible remedies? Please do not suggest to me munching whole garlic =p That will never happen.
Nope. One size does not fit all.

  • Aber one dish that has been playing in my mind since last two days; extra large cheesy pizza. Wahlaw!
  • Just minutes before Fajr prayer, I asked Syahmi:
Ayla: Bibi makan apa sahur?
Syahmi: Dominos.
Ayla: Wah bestnya.. (I actually believed him since quite a number of times I saw Dominos pizza in mama's refrigerator. No surprise since Azeem und mama are Dominos regular customers.)
Syahm: I makan *cereal.
  • Baru je buat I nak bangun cari pizza dalam fridge. Rupanya dia acah T_T 
Alsufi got bullied by his nephew aber then came love from the niece =)

  • Nowadays ramai upload gambar close up on facebook after dah apply face paint (make up). I sungguh berasa cukup tinggi confidence level mereka to upload such photos. Would they dare to upload em without make up on?
  • I have a couple of make up sets that I once used when I'm at home. Aber after sometime, the mojo has gone und the paints are now resting in a drawer. 
  • One of the things that I regretted doing was putting on make up during nikah und walimah. If I could turn back time. . .  Past is past. Good to ponder aber nicht gut to think about it too much eyh. 
  • My secret of making Syahmi wants to belek belek my face is to always put a smile on plus drink lots of water ;) No other tools are needed. Aber I believe having wudhu' on all the time does help. Well, not that I do T_T
  • Just make sure kita solat. Jangan ada wudhu' saja alright ;)
Ayla: Ma Shueb Webb said solat ni kena relax. Don't rush. 
Mama: Ya. I asked my friends on how to have the feeling of 'wanting' to perform solat. One of them replied, dia nak solat sebab bayangkan setiap kali rukuk dosa jatuh bertaburan. 
Ayla: I see...
  •  So yeah, I need to buck up on my solat. Since I have buckets of sins thus I really need to prostrate more. Aber do I need any special tools to be able to do that? No. Just me, myself und I.
  • The beauty of Islam, one can ask for forgiveness at anytime und anywhere. No medium is needed.
  • ;-)


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