Hospital Bills During Pregnancy

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah, I had a very joyful Eid with my loved ones. Will cherish the moments forever, biiznillah. 

Mak dan ayah kepada Alayoubi und Albanna. 

  • So yes, those who have been reading posts in this blog know that I'm currently pregnant; 8 months to be exact. Syukur Allah. The nurse in Klinik Kesihatan had assigned me a task ie. to count baby movements within 12 hours. So, do you think I manage to do that everyday? The answer is NO.
  • It's not easy to feel the tiny kicks when I'm busy walking. Since this is the month of Syawal und both Syahmi und I are occupied with ziarah, the 12 hours counting list will definitely be empty during weekends. Hehe. 

  • I feel the need to share my experience(s) with Klinik Kesihatan, semi-private hospital und private hospitals. Since I work on my own und husband in private sector (not PETRONAS), therefore we need to pay ALL bills ourselves. 
  • Thus we need to be very selective when it comes to the 'best' gynaes, location und their fees. 
  • I hope this entry does help you lot especially those who are expecting. Biiznillah. 
Paksa bangun pagi. Adam's 1st Raya =)
    • When Syahmi found the pregnancy test kit that I secretly chucked into our bathroom bin, he confronted me für explanations. The result was blurry so I decided to 'let it go' aber Syahmi was persistent und we went to see a private gynae near our home. This was my first pregnancy check und alhamdulillah got it covered by AIA. I didn't know how it was done, aber AIA paid for my first pregnancy check up und consultation fee. 
    • Instead of pursuing check ups at that particular private clinic near our home, we decided to go to Klinik Kesihatan as it is FREE of charge. No registration fee of RM1 und what so ever. Ummi Lisa und bapak advised us to go to Klinik Kesihatan for routine check ups und we did try it once, found out that it was not bad at all. 
    • Aber when our baby gets heavier und my baby bump gets bigger, it is not that comfortable to wait in Klinik Kesihatan with other hundreds of pregnant ladies plus their elder kids running around in the packed clinic.
    • I started to have anxiety when the nurse asked me to undergo MGTT test on my next visit which was on 26th June, two days before Ramadhan. With Syahmi in Oklahoma, 80% of my strength was not with me. I couldn't sleep the night before und couldn't wait for the test to over.
    • After drinking the 'yucky' unflavoured air gula, I felt quite dizzy due to the noisy crowd at the waiting area. I asked to be seated in the staff pantry/resting room. So yeah, I waited für two hours alone in that room. 
    Ayla: Macam mana boleh saya tahu results test hari ini?
    Nurse Klinik Kesihatan: Kalau result adik teruk, kita call petang ni juga. Kalau tak call maksudnya ok.   

    • I waited for their call until 5pm. No call at all so I assume that the result was superb. Yeay!
    Kerja Alayoubi dengan yours truly at 0050 hours while Mr. Josey was out
    playing football with uncle Jim und friends, Syahmi und Tok Mama sleeping next to us. Hihihi. Thank you Alayoubi teman aunty Ayla snacking!

    • When I came back for my next routine check up on the 23 July, the nurse told me that I had to undergo the MGTT test once again. My instant reaction was "No." Probably she understood my concerns thus she told me nicely that I really need to go für another test since they couldn't detect my blood reading. The nurse was quite cross to the other nurse für not informing me on the evening of 26th June.
    • Despair came knocking on my door. I felt despondent, dispirited, traumatized etc. After discussing with Syahmi, he encouraged me to see a new lady gynae, Dr. Fairuz in DEMC. Not just that, Syahmi was persistent und took me to SALAM hospital und put me on second gynae, Dr. Siti. So now I have two private gynaes instead of just one. Aber we only have one piggy bank, who is going to pay for both gynaes I asked. Aber I heard a soft reply sounded like this, "Don't worry, with Allah's will there's a way."
    • So my first check up with Dr. Fairuz cost us RM264.12 to be exact. This includes two types of pills ie. Caltrate (calcium für me) und neurogain (fish oil für the baby). I was quite reluctant to consume the pills und asked the lady cashier in DEMC whether I can go home without the pills, she said "Boleh ;-)" aber Syahmi stood firm und said, "Bibi... Just take them ok. You need them."
    • Hahaha. Ada saja yang I nak bantah. Kesian pula Syahmi :)
    • So I did my second MGTT test in DEMC. SubhanAllah. Such polite people und the staffs treated me so well. I drove with anxiety (due to the previous experience in Klinik Kesihatan) to the hospital at 7:05am und was the first person to arrive at the hospital lab. I thought it would cost me about RM100 plus für the MGTT test aber I was wrong. MGTT RM25 + admin fee RM5. Please take note that admin fee is compulsory during every visit und not forgetting the car park fee.
    • Instead of drinking the yucky unflavoured air gula like what I had in Klinik Kesihatan, DEMC gave me orange flavoured air gula that tasted close to Redoxon vitamin C. Und I only had to wait 30 minutes for the test results. Syukur alhamdulillah, I'm well. Not diabetic und no hypertension.  
    Alayoubi playing with my t-shirt.
    Dia gumpal gumpal then baling sambil jerit, "Volleyball!"

    • My experience with PPUM, most doctors in emergency labor ward looked stressful und tired. They tend to push you to other hospitals if you're about to undergo a premature labor. The nurses are quite old school und more of mak ciks style to me. They tend to force you to follow their way. 
    • Since both of us are not government servants, Syahmi had to pay RM496 für my one night stay. This includes the numerous tests they did to me to find the cause of my abdominal pain. The surgeons wanted to hold me für another night aber I refused to stay. 
    Chinese Lady Surgeon: Not that we can tie you up and force you to stay.
    Ayla:  =) 
    • Words spread und the nurses were surprised to know that I had packed my stuffs to leave the ward that night. Muahahahaha. 
    • Dah lah husband tak boleh masuk teman dalam ward, nak bersalin normal pun husband tak boleh teman di PPUM. So I decided not to pursue with PPUM. Tschüss! =)
    • I was the happiest person ever to be discharged that night. Wohooo!
    Menantu bapak yang ini seorang saja lelaki.
    Behave ya bibi.

    • I went to a poliklinik in Bukit Mahkota on 26 July für BP und urine test. Met Dr. Isa Zul und he recommended Dr. Sri in Prince Court. Well, Dr. Sri is his aunt so no surprise. Hehe. I shared with him the average fee für normal delivery in DEMC. He was quite surprised to hear the high fee aber he wasn't sure himself on the current fees in Prince Court. 
    • It's quite a hassle für me to get to Prince Court especially during peak hours. SDMC is nearer aber I heard a few negative remarks on their gynaes und hospital. So awal-awal lagi I dah crossed out yang itu.
    • As for SALAM hospital, I've yet to experience it. Aber the receptionists were not as diligent as the ones in DEMC. Let me meet Dr. Siti und her team first before I can continue reviewing SALAM hospital. Afterall, receptionist tak akan menyibuk during labor kan? Hihi.
    • As of now, the soft spoken Dr. Fairuz is good enough für me, baby und Syahmi. I'll continue monitoring her "work" und will update you lot. 
    A week before entering 8 months.
    Salam Lebaran!

    • Aber I reckon you lot to go for routine check up at Klinik Kesihatan, especially the new built ones where their toilets are still clean compared to Klinik Kesihatan Shah Alam T_T . I super hate their toilets. 
    • I've been to Klinik Kesihatan Klebang, Melaka too. Don't like the toilet either. Aber Klinik Kesihatan Seri Putra bagus. Tak ramai orang, baru und toilet dia ada flowers, decorations und bersih. 
    • At Klinik Kesihatan, you'll receive good treatment form the nurses, free folic acid, zincoffer, supplements etc. Alhamdulillah Dr. Nor Izyani in Klinik Kesihatan Seksyen 7 was very polite to me. 
    • You'll save a lot too in the first 7 months of your pregnancy! ;-) 
    • When you reach 32 weeks of your pregnancy, you are then advised to go for check up with your preferred gynae oder hospital.  
    • As for me, I still haven't decided between DEMC oder SALAM hospital. May Allah ease.  


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