I Am A Learning Mother

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I wasn't ready years ago. Not even the first seven months of my pregnancy. Aber when it turns eight, I now slowly get the gist of it. Alhamdulillah. How can I not feel special when there is another soul in me? Allahuakbar.

  • At nearly 33 weeks, now the baby moves about like nobody's business. There's no exact word on how to describe the feel. It's not ticklish oder hurtful aber it feels funny.
  • The baby is most active when I'm about to doze off at night. How now brown cow?

Adam Alsufi on pagi Raya.
Such happy baby.
  • I don't read that much on pregnancy und delivery aber I do ask around, a lot. I do learn a lot from other people.
  • Syahmi's cousin who just gave birth to a healthy 3.9kg baby boy asked me to try stop consuming soy bean milk during pregnancy to prevent bacteria growth und avoid discomfortness. I have stopped consuming for about three weeks now und syukur Alhamdulillah, it works for me. 
  • Playing Dzikir und Morning Doa seem helpful in waking up the baby. Haha. I guess the more I read the Quran, the baby feels comfortable und decides to continue snoozing. Cheeky. 

  • We didn't get anything for the baby, not until Syahmi came home from Tulsa with a few cute white rompers (except mama und ummi Lisa who have been injecting positive thoughts und prepared some stuffs for their grandchild). Jazakumullah Khayran moms!
  • Und I still do consult my cousin Yo on the essential things. "Ayla don't buy this und that. Ayla get a trolley lalalalalala." Since ours is not a duplex abode, we do get a trolley to put almost everything on it. Hahahaha. So Yo, here you go:

Thanks Yo for the brilliant idea!
Yet to arrange the baby stuffs neatly in proper boxes.
Will wash blankets und such later before arranging them properly on the trolley.
  • A few of my friends introduced Medela breast pump. I was gobsmacked when I learned how expensive that particular machine is. I never thought that a mother could easily spend RM1600 on a breast pump. Haha. Aber no surprise when a lady bought RM500k Mercedes Benz eyh =p
  • I initially wanted to get a Anakku single manual pump which is less than RM90. Aber after browsing through Medela at Parkson, a single electric pump is priced at RM399 if I'm not mistaken. So I came home und tried to negotiate with Syahmi. We went sort of like this:
Ayla: Bibi, I saw Medela single electric pump is priced at RM399. I checked online; RM400 plus. Cheaper eyh. Can I have the Medela?
Syahmi: Medela electric pump? I thought we have agreed to purchase the Anakku one.
Ayla: Yeah. This one is electric. Anakku one is manual. Can I have the Medela?
Syahmi: No need bibi. I don't want you to take it for granted. We'll depend on it too much and we forgot that we are naturally capable of nursing our babies.
Breast pump is for busy mama.
Ayla: I'll use it too.
Syahmi: Then what will you do with the milk when you can actually feed the baby directly?
Ayla: I'll throw the milk away. 

Syahmi: Then what's the point of pumping?
Ayla: ....

Syahmi: Ok. I'll buy the Medela for you.
Ayla: But what's the point of buying the Medela if I don't have to use it all the time? 

Syahmi: Now you get my point. I can still buy it for you but I don't want you to use it.
Ayla: Anakku it is. Just in case.

  • Kalau Yo baca atas ni memang dia cekik I. Walhal I tak tahu which Medela is suitable for certain moms. Hahahahaha.
  • Syahmi knows that I can still purchase it with my own money aber he believes that after such discussion, I'll stick to the decision we both make.
  • The only thing that I buy und sell without his permission are gold chips und bars. 
  • Aber he knows that I'm active in that market. I normally inform him after transaction has been made. 
  • Please forgive me, I am still a learning mother =)


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