Bi iznillah

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ayla: I rasa tak sabar nak go out attend events und to get involve again with LL.
Syahmi: I tak izinkan you pergi now. A day after labor you dah boleh pergi. I izinkan.
Ayla: A day after labor??
Syahmi: Yes.

  • There you go. Make doa that I'll be fine during labor. Bi iznillah. Syahmi has given me the green light to continue being a volunteer. So, who wants to take care of the baby?
  • Krik... krik...
  • =)

We plan aber Allah knows what's best for all of us.
Do not be despaired if things don't go as according to plan.

  • While we were waiting to see our gynae, a young Chinese lady came up to us und asked me whether I've heard about stem cell oder not. I told her that I read it somewhere on the internet und not really interested in it.
V: May I know why you're not interested in stem cell?
Ayla: I don't fancy committing to the payment und fees. 

V: Do you know how much does it cost?
Ayla: Not exactly but I know it is expensive. 
V: The fee is only RM2400 but you can pay monthly for 12 months. 
Ayla: (oh murah juga. I thought RM10k-RM15k. hehe.) I'm sure there are more than just RM2400.
V: Yes. You need to pay for storage and nitrogen, RM240 annually. 
Ayla: See. 
V: But that's just RM20 a month. 
Ayla: I know you'll increase the annual charge. It can't be RM240 through out the coming years.
V: Yes you are correct. But it won't increase that much.
Ayla: What will happen to the stem cells if I stop paying for the storage?
V: We'll continue reminding you or we'll DONATE it.

Sempat Syahmi main game dengan uncle David bersama songkoknya while beraya :)

  • Donate. Skeptic nyaaaaa.
  • I'm not the type who agrees to insurance, stem cell etc. that require long term commitment und full of uncertainties. The fact that I received a letter from takaful about the increment in my monthly commitment has put me off.
  • Syahmi then continued asking questions about that specific stem cell company und the benefits etc. 
Syahmi: Lets say in the future, what will happen to the stem cells if your company is no longer in business?
V: Oh we don't keep the stem cells but we keep them with ****. 
Syahmi: Oh it's like a Will.
  • Once we exchanged our goodbyes, I turned to Syahmi und said:
Ayla: How sure are you that the stem cells are in good hands. Nanti bila kita nak guna, tiba dia cakap "Oh your stem cells hilang, dah rosak, tak cukup etc." 

Sekali sekala saja. hehe.
Above: Not too sweet. SnowFlakes kuih sweet potato with cincau sorbet.
Below: The Loaf Choco Petite
  • I'll just continue living healthily for now insyaAllah. Will continue making sure that my family eats healthy food even if I need to spend more. 
  • Nowadays kan fruits murah yang rupa cantik tu dari China and dah kena sembur racun apa. Bila yang organic mahal lah apa lah. I come to a conclusion that, it's better to spend more on fresh food rather than paying more on insurance und takaful oder stem cells. 
  • I consulted my gynae about habbatus sauda, she too has been consuming it und even encourages me to continue taking habbatus sauda while pregnant. I always asked why medical doctors don't stress on chemical free supplements instead patients are given chemical pills und tablets. 
  • If virgin coconut oil really helps in pregnancy, why don't gynaes prescribe the oil to pregnant moms other than Zincofer oder Obimin?
  • Jeng jeng jeng.
  • May we all live healthily. 
  • Bi iznillah.


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