Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I woke up at 5 a.m., went to the loo und heard the sound of a continental car engine. Made me wonder where was that person heading to.

  • My current ambition is to become my husband's driver. I don't mind sending und fetching him from work. Aber I have refrained myself from driving since a few months ago. Will get back behind wheels when Allah permits. 
  • Aber I just drove to a supermarket to get fruits und tidbits. Yes, contradicting. Aber I just feel like eating all of them at once! 
  • I went crazy over fruits aber only managed to carry home bananas, a papaya und a whole honeydew.
  • I came home to Adam staring at me with his cheeky smile, together with books all over the floor. He is indeed my librarian. 
  • Precious =)
Being Syahmi's shadow. One of the simple things that a zaujah should do I guess.
I told the ladies that they'll see me often but I will always be at the back.

Oppsss... Ms. Ayla Johan was busy playing Farm Up while husband is into his voluntary work.
Tak kira lagi Asphalt 8 racing game sebelum Farm Up.

  • Again while in the loo, I asked myself, what other 'things' in life that I don't have? 
  • I went absolutely blank. 
  • I then went to Syahmi und shared with him the same question und I went blank again. 
  • We have been receiving a lot und non-stop from Allah Azzawajalla und how can we deny His blessings? 
  • We have a home for shelter, we have a car to ferry us, we have food to eat, we have clothes to wear, we have family und friends to remind us, we have strangers to keep us alert, etc.
  • It doesn't matter whether the car is continental oder not, we should be grateful with what we have. 
Adam: Serious?! M.Nasir with Kembara this Nov?
Syahmi: Yes. Yes.
Adam: Yeay! Yeay! Abah jom!

  • Adam was already asleep in our guest bedroom (which happens to have a faulty ceiling fan) when ummi Lisa und I were watching a tv program called Bersamamu. 
  • The guy in Bersamamu shared that his kids have been asking for pizza for ages aber until now he still cannot afford to provide them with at least a slice each. 
  • Allahu ya Rabb. Now who wants to express dissatisfaction over the food served on the table?
  • Now who wants to weep when mommy says no to McDonald's?
  • The guy on Bersamamu then continued that his special need kids do not have a mattress to sleep on. They only sleep on worn cushions. Und there was no working fan at home. None. 
  • That hits me really hard. 
  • The fan in our guest room only works when it wants to. It has been behaving like that since January 2014. We did have Rubine technicians came a couple of times aber still, the fan decides to only run whenever it wants. 
  • Syahmi und I have been having countless discussions about that fan; whether oder not should we install an air-condition in that room und swap the pricey Rubine with the affordable KDK. 
  • Still, nothing has been done. NOPE. In fact we borrowed mama's table fan. Now Adam is used to sleeping with that buzzing table fan. Hehe.
  • At the end of the show, the guy on Bersamamu received a table fan und a mattress too other than other material things that his family needed. Good job to those who donated und Bersamamu team.

  • So, who is forcing you to buy that continental car?
  • Any good? 
  • Is the above a rhetorical question?
  • he he he
  • Aber remember, to always see our glass as always half full than half empty. Be grateful with EVERYTHING. 
  • Someone else is struggling to put food on the table for his kids while some of us are sickly complaining about only being able to settle with a Toyota aber not an Audi. 
  • Wake up.


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