'Paradigm Shift'

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Thank you Allah for the independence. May we Malaysians continuously be grateful with Your gifts.

No baby, no worries? Not true. We are all Mama now ;)

  • Ummi Lisa advised me not to travel far since I'm approaching week 37. Syahmi is anticipating that I'll be in labour soon. May Allah ease. 
  • Oh I have not shared with you lot on which gynae I'm with eyh? Hehe. Will do so in another entry, insyaAllah. Oder perhaps let me give birth first ;)
  • I used to be afraid of driving test aber this one is way scarier. Aber I don't think about it too much when I'm alone. Just when people start discussing about labour, then only it sends shivers down my spine. 
  • T_T

When they were young.
  • I had a discussion with Syahmi about how our plans about life need to change since it is no longer just the two of us as a unit. 
Ayla: If there is still no baby und if something happens to our family...
Syahmi: (he cut me off) I know where you'll be.
Ayla: Where?
Syahmi: UK.
Ayla: (oh husband)
  • I would like to think it is easier to find way out of trouble without having to think about the welfare of our child. Aber I believe that Allah s.w.t. knows best und every hardship comes ease.  
  • I don't fancy if Syahmi takes things lightly. Because we both know that people tend to go astray without advices. Been that, done that kind of situation I suppose?
  • To avoid such negativity in marriage, we both need to look at ourselves und change into better people. How easy is that eyh? NO. I find it EXTREMELY difficult aber that doesn't mean we need to give up. 
  • I've been observing people around me especially my parents in law. I observe on the way they communicate, the way they bring out themselves, the way they treat their grown up children, the way their children treating them etc. I am still curious on how Syahmi turns out to be him.
  • Him. 
  • I might know Syahmi's two sides, aber if he has three sides instead of just two, then I am absolutely oblivious of his third side. Then it is not my fault of not knowing ey? 
Detox night, bi iznillah ;)

  • It is not easy to be positive all the time. People tend to take advantage on your positiveness. Aber that doesn't matter. As long as Allah s.w.t. knows our intention/niat, then we're alright. Yeah?
  • When I was eleven, I never thought that life is going to get harder. I was still playful; had the chance to play with arwah Ayu whenever I wanted. We played til dark, we secretly did this und that, life was easy back then. 
  • Aber now, I'm a zaujah to a young senior asphalt racer in a racing game, who will always be young at age compared to me und I'm a mother of one yet to see the world child. 
  • How do you think I should see life right now?
  • Definitely differently ey.
  • I'm still trying my best bi iznillah. Aber if I fall, then to those who care, please help to lift me up.
  • Allahul musta'an.


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