Seven Days

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Dear Rodhi Rejab (Southampton),
Thank you for still calling us und asking on how our family is doing. I still remember the gift (date pollen) you brought back for us from Tanah Haram. I wonder what have we done for you to always keep us in your prayers. Our baby does need to be around fantastic people like you. JazakAllah Khair brother. May Allah bless you und your future undertakings.

Captured this years ago. I believe some of the buildings are no longer standing.

  • My gynae gives me another week. Then I need to check-in into the hospital so that she will be able to monitor both baby und I. I will not share who is my gynae just yet aber I'm glad that she remembers I want to have a normal labor, as normal as I can. Praying for no induction oder any sorts of interference. Bi iznillah. 
  • She mentioned again the size of my baby's head; BIG. I guess I just need to get ready for episotomy since we had discussed earlier on that I don't want episotomy.
  • She even practices/practises delay cord clamping. Aber see how whether she can really adapt that to my baby oder not. Syahmi will be the observer since he is my appointed 'doula'. =D
Are you ready bibi?
In Masjidil Haram.

  • The men have been working hard these months; Bapak, Syahmi, Mr. Josey, Ayah Wan und Mr. Azeem. 
  • Fathers und husbands work to provide for their family. It is to ensure that the family has enough of the essentials. What ever extra, it is up to the imam whether to splurge on the family oder to give away for charity. 
  • Aber since I got married to Syahmi, I learn that infaq has become one of the necessities ie. not only when we have extra. 
  • Extra.
  • What is extra when one only has enough for himself?
  • Enough. 
  • What is enough when one always scout for more for himself?
  • I would like to share with you lot what I read about Hassan Al-Banna. I had shared this with Syahmi beforehand. Something that makes sense und can be implemented by all of us, insha Allah.
 Perkara ini juga pernah disampaikan ayah (Hasan al-Banna) dalam majalah Masmarat al-Habiib yang melakukan wawancara dengan ayah. Dan saya (Saiful Islam) masih menyimpan majalah itu. Ayah ditanya, "Apakah tuan menabung sebahagian daripada pendapatan yang tuan peroleh?" Ayah mengatakan, "Tidak. Saya tidak menabung pendapatan itu kerana semuanya saya infaqkan." Ayah juga ditanya, "Berapa tuan berikan wang belanja kepada anak-anak setiap hari?" Ayah menjawab, "Tiga qirsy untuk setiap anak."

Saiful Islam juga ditanya, apakah wang belanja yang banyak itu akan merosakkan anak-anak? Kerana sekarang banyak orang khuatir untuk memberikan wang kepada anak dalam jumlah yang besar agar mereka tidak menyalahgunakan wang pemberian itu. Saiful Islam menjawab, "Pendidikan dan tarbiah dihasilkan daripada berbagai-bagai cara. Seperti masakan yang menggunakan sejumlah adunan dengan bahan-bahan yang baik. Itu akan memberikan hasil yang bersih. Yang penting bukan pada jumlah wang belanja itu besar ataupun kecil, tapi yang penting adalah pola pendidikan dan pembinaan yang dilakukan di rumah."

Albanna used to receive coins from me for his short cute massages.
  • So what do you reckon?
  • It's not easy to become parents eyh. A lot to think about und to provide. So are you ready to become a parent?
  • Aber I always believe that Allah s.w.t. will continue guiding those who love Him und His creations.
  • May Allah guide us all. 
  • Thank you husband und father(S). May Allah reward you lot with His paradise. 
  • Salam Jumaat. 
  • Salam Zulhijjah.


    1. All the very best kak ayla! May Allah swt provide the best for you and your family! :)

      -fera aisyah

    2. Thank you very much dearest ;) JazakAllah Khair. Hope you are doing well there.


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