Time Flies, Swims und Glides

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

To Leen (Fazleen, Southampton), I will surely share photos of the baby aber still do not know when. Hope you are doing very well. I am still finding time to visit you und your family; yes it has been years. Bi iznillah.

Zara Twin Black handbag with slight defect (as in photo below).
Condition: New with tag
Material: Polyurethane
Letting go at RM180 (with FREE postage).
Normal price RM230 (without postage fee).
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The slight marks on beige cover flap.
To purchase, whatsapp/text/sms Ju at :
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  • The worst part of waiting for the baby to pop out is; when suddenly the baby doesn't move when you expect he/she to kick box you. I've been advised to count the movement of the baby ie. at least ten movements within twelve hours. 
  • Tough eh?
  • I don't 'write' lengthy post about pregnancy. Just snippets so that you won't blame me if the info I'm sharing is not ALL true. 
  • Haha. 
I miss you Alayoubi.
I'm sure you'll help me to look after the baby. 

  • Lovely Life just had another successful event on last Sunday. I bet participants had fun und gained lots of Ilmu about being "bahagia". I was weak on that day itself that I spent resting in my bedroom until nearly Asar. Therefore I did not get to join the ladies. 
  • I always encourage my friends to attend events by Lovely Life because:
  1. Banyak dan pelbagai ilmu di kongsi
  2. Para volunteers yang cool =)
  3. Yuran murah dan berpatutan kerana tiada profit bagi pihak Lovely Life
  4. Nursery dan aktiviti anak disediakan dengan cas yang berpatutan
  5. Menimba ilmu secara santai
  6. Bikin new friends
  7. Build network
  8. Ada support team
  • I've been with Lovely Life since the end of year 2011. I was the only volunteer without kids; yep the youngest out of all. The other volunteers are definitely more mature than me.  
  • No sweat ;-) 
  • Syukur. I'm sure I did make the right decision to be part of the team. I have been learning heaps from the volunteers und participants. From taking care of myself und family to enjoying hobbies und passion etc. Brilliant. Thank you very much to all. 
  • Just a few months before the year 2014 ends, may Allah s.w.t. bless our friendship und effort.
We participate because we care.

  • I had a chat with my friend yesterday. The last time we chatted online was during my early pregnancy. Aber she was quite gobsmacked to know that I'm now counting days. 
  • See how time flies, swims und glides?
  • Life in Dunya is indeed short. 
  • So lets find great things to do; for ourselves, family und other people. Allahumusta'an.


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