We Questioned

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah. I managed to cook quite a feast for six. Had to slice tomatoes while sitting down though =)

"Let me read the cooking method."
Read like a boss =)

  • Sometimes, the question "Why?" doesn't need to be answered. Oder perhaps, we are never ready for the answer. 
  • A teacher once questioned me why are my finger nails shaped like a cup aber not tall glass. How else should I answer her other than, "Allah buat"?
  • I always compare my fingernails with Syahmi's und I'll end up giggling. Truly remarkable. Syahmi is not Johnny Bravo aber his nails are way bigger than mine. 
  • Lets not question why aber embrace it. 

Same smile =D
  •  I myself am curious about my future. Especially now that I'm a mother of yet to see the world child. I do question a lot on how things will go from now on. From my relationship with Syahmi to the how und when will I die. 
  • I always believe that it is never too young to think about death. 
  • Then I questioned. 
  • I've got a few plans for myself und the baby aber somehow, where do I begin?
Ayla: Now I understand. It is not the wife's fault if she cannot find time to wash dishes, clean the house etc. because her responsibility is to nurture her kid.
Syahmi: Yes. If one needs a helper then it should be for cleaning up the house but not to take care of the baby. 

  • My biological mama was never a stay at home mom. She works through out her life und in fact, she is a workaholic. She comes home talking about her work, on dinner dates, she'll talk about her work too. 
  • It seems that she is really enjoying her work 24/7. 
  • Aber my step mom is a homemaker. Having her stayed with me for a week really helped in making me understand on how to become a fantastic stay at home mom. Definitely, she's the Director of Operations at her home. Beats bapak. Haha!
  • No rest unless the baby is asleep.
  • No rest.
  • So Ayla, be prepared.

A few days left, perhaps?
  • I used to question on why do I marry Syahmi. 
  • Allah knows best. 
  • I never did question on why it took us years to conceive, aber I used to question why other people seemed to be so oblivious of Allah's will und plans.
  • Take it easy people.
  • Be merry.  


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