Hello World

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

When my mother was in her tertiary studies, she had to undergo a course that involves programming. Und the first line that she had to program oder make appear on the computer screen was "Hello world".
So yeah again, hello world. I'm Jundi Hadif bin Muhammad Syahmi und my job is to help my mother when possible.

First night at home. Thank you nenek Lisa for changing me diapers!

  • Syukur Allah, I'm two months old already. My mother has been feeding me excellently. There were nights when I mistakenly thought a creepy creature was trying to feed me, aber from the familiar smell, I know it was my mother.
  • At two months und one day, I am now weighing 5.2kg und 60cm tall. My head circumference is now 40cm. From the discussion my parents had with our gynae, I knew that my head was already big during labour that my mother had to undergo episotomy. 

I was given this when my mother was not around to feed me.
  • My mother has been taking care of me full time since the day she got out from the hospital. While my father resumed working on the 11th day if I'm not mistaken. Aber he never fails to take care of me too. 
  • The first night I arrived home, my mother was not there. Since my father was exhausted from the sleepless nights he had, nenek Lisa took an excellent care of me. She was there when I needed my mother. Thank you very much nenek Lisa. I love you.
  • Then when Tok Mama was busy working with minister, nanny ampang took care of me und my mother for three days. She prepared food for my mother und even helped to clean me up. Thank you very much nanny. I love you.
  • Und when Tok Mama got back from America und other places, she looked after my moter und I on weekend basis. When my mother was strong enough to walk about, we stayed for about two weeks at Tok Mama's. Thank you very much Tok Mama. I love you.

My mother had her cheat days during confinement.
Tok Mama bought her cinnamon rolls.
Got to taste these rolls in my milk. Nyums!
  • A day before Aidil Adha, Tok Abah brought me to the hospital to see my mother. I missed her so much that I decided to be as clingy as possible; that my mother even had to nurse me while walking out of the ward. 
  • Thank you very much Tok Abah for your help. I love you. 
  • While my Ayah Tok had to cut his honeymoon short und flew back home due to my mother being held in high dependency unit. Thank you very much for your time. I love you.
  • My atok ampang haven't changed me diaper yet. Hehe. Aber he brought fish for my mother from Melaka und even came to make sure that both of us are in good hands. Thank you very much for all that. I love you.
  • Since my parents have been busy meeting family members und receiving guests, I now got to know that I have uncles und aunties that care about me too. Aber uncle Ajim is yet to hold me in his arms. lalala.
  • Aunty Nadzirah managed to drive me from the hospital to our home when my father was busy attending matters related to my mother. Thank you very much aunty.
  • Uncle Reza aka Batman has the skills in holding me. He even taught my mother on how to comfortably hold me in her arms. Thank you for saving my life uncle Reza! Wohooo!

  • There are so many people that I wish to express my gratitude to aber not in this entry since I am now thirsty. 
  • I need milk!
  • Uwaaaa! Uwaaa!
I'm Jundi Hadif; my mother's little cheeky koala ;-)


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