Lady Of Leisure?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Adam is a big boy. He loves to share his toys with Jundi ie. forcing Jundi to hold his toys.

  • I never thought that Jundi requires attention 24/7. Even when he is sleeping. SLEEPING.
  • I always inform Syahmi, more of updating him from time to time about my current situation with Jundi when he is at work. I find it crucial for Syahmi to know since he is part of the family und our imam. 
  • Whenever he is at home oder with us, he never fails to realize his responsibility und get on his feet except when he literally dozes off right after meal. Poor husband of mine. 
Hush little baby don't you cry everything's gonna be alright.
  • I always need a break away from home. A holiday. I may seem to only be nurturing Jundi in your eyes aber I actually have other things on my list. 
  • The first cargo from UK for this year will be arriving a bit behind schedule und meeting(S) with Lovely Life community is queuing up, ting tong.
  • Who says I am a lady of leisure?
  • Setakat suami selalu ambilkan air kosong dari dapur bawa ke depan untuk I bukan lah maksudnya I ni lady of leisure goyang kaki queen control. Suami buat kerana dia nak buat. Bukan I dok jerit ke laut suara berderau paksa dia ambil. Entah apa-apa lah. 
  • Go und read up what lady of leisure means. 
  • I wish to become one since the day I got pregnant. Bi iznillah. If Allah says Yes, then I'll become one.
  • Cheerios! 


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