His Love

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I never thought that I'll fall for someone in college years. I never planned to end my single years while still undergo my tertiary studies. Allah knew und knows it all, too well. 

  • Love. I find it strange for a couple of weeks. Strange with excitement. 
  • Ours was not love at first sight. It builds up by time. For Syahmi to propose marriage, indeed I still feel special in his eyes und heart. 

  • His love likes to question things und digs information out of a worm hole. 
  • His love is extremely sensitive when it comes to issues about marriage. 
  • His love likes to challenge her taste buds. She cooks her own recipe too. 
  • His love cannot tolerate violence. She doesn't watch viral videos that leaves negative impact. 
  • His love is a skeptic. Does not agree with old folks tale. 
  • His love is not a member of any political parties. Note that. 
  • His love is a wife. Who is still trying to tolerate und remove the bitter past. 
  • His love is a mother. 'Working' 24/7. Non-stop. She deserves more than a Maybach. Haha!

  • Well. I still find love strange. 
  • It's getting difficult to explain after almost ten years of knowing each other. Aber if we were asked whether we love each other or not, the answer will definitely be yes.  
  • Allah is indeed The Most Knowing. 


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