Coping: Well

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

If you're the first person your spouse calls to share his/her joyful moments oder bad experience, I guess that is love.

  • Baby's behavior changes with time. Jundi used to be able to sleep on his own aber now, he needs his mother to put him to sleep. 
  • He doesn't like being in his crib since he finds it difficult to turn around oder moves freely in it. Indeed he is a big boy now. Where has my baby gone to? sob sob.
  • As for Jundi's parents, they are coping well despite having body aches here und there. May Allah have mercy upon them all. 
At 4 months old, Syahmi und I decided to let Jundi have a swim in adult's bathtub.
This way, it is easier for us to monitor the water temperature.

  • I realize that Jundi loves to be around other children. I'm not implying that he is going to get a baby sister oder a brother. Just that I need to get him out und mingle with other children often. To a playschool maybe? Aber he is not even 7mo! 
  • Jundi had lots of fun when his baby uncle und cousins were here. Alayoubi was very delighted to look after Jundi whenever I needed help. She was very calm und knew how to interact with Jundi. 
  • Albanna was a very loving brother to Jundi und Adam. He literally wiped Jundi's mucus und Adam's saliva with his hands und arms! Brotherly love. Unconditional love. 
  • My brother und sister in law have been raising their children very well. They are indeed my role models. 
Sending Albanna und Alayoubi off to school ;-)

  • Bit by bit, inshaAllah. We're still learning und will not stop until our time is up. 
  • May Allah give us His hidayah und lead us to the right path in nurturing Jundi. 


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