Cardamom The Bomb

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Syahmi suggested cardamom und star anise. So I did add those into Jundi's meal. Luscious. 

hmm...I can't seem to bite this hard teether...mother's banana oat baked pudding is definitely my kind of snack. 

  • I realize that Jundi started to enjoy food when his first tooth came out. Instead of just one to two baby spoonful a day, now he is able to consume average of ten to fifteen baby spoonful a day. Alhamdulillah. 
  • Aber he lovesss finger food und anything that is on my plate. 

uncle Adam hijacking Jundi's ride. terus pura-pura sleep terbalik. konon nak bilang comfy. funny uncle. the joker.

I'm sharing with you lot the recipe;-
  1. Ingredients: Brown rice, pumpkin, carrot, chicken, cardamom, star anise, healthy salt (optional)
  2. Cook everything in a single pot. 
  3. Take out cardamom und star anise.
  4. Blend the rest by using a blender oder a food processor. Done.
If you're like me, the kind of mother who doesn't fancy to cook three/four times a day,
then stock up frozen home cooked food. Yeehaa!

  • I don't fancy giving Jundi store bought food. 
  • I hope no one else will secretly feed him junk =D
  • May Allah ease. 


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