Not A Feast

Assalamualaikuum w.b.t. 

Thank you for sharing recipes online. Our spread is not a feast. Very minimal. Syukur Allah. 

oh son...your projectile was a little bit off that day...

  • So how's Ramadhan so far? Gut ey. Syahmi und I were tested with Jundi's unpredictable behaviour. According to Syahmi, we did not manage to catch up with our little son. 
  • I thought Jundi needs friends to play with. Aber since he has no other siblings oder a pet oder two, I told Syahmi that Jundi needs to go swimming on a daily basis. 
  • Fuhhh...larat ke mother und father? 
  • Haha. 
nice to have the clan around....

Albanna just graduated from FS1. Joining FS2.

  • I made a vegetable porridge for Jundi. He has been poopooing like four times a day after consuming the porridge. Ammmaaa.....
  • Aber he enjoys eating egg yolk. Boiled egg yolk. 
  • So who wants to come und play with Jundi? I'll treat you a feast....of egg yolks.
  • hahahahahahaha.


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