Baby's SKII? On Atopic Dermatitis

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
No sane parent would want to see his/her child suffer und in pain. May Allah heal all wound(s).

These red bottles (packaging) reminds me of SKII =)
I used to put on SKII before I got married aber I decided to stop since I
have a habit of not wanting to depend on certain products for the rest of my life.
Occasionally I use St. Ives scrub now.
  • On our way home from bapak's after Subuh, Jundi enjoyed his deep slumber in his car seat. Und due to that, I took the chance to sit on the front passenger seat. Syahmi und I exchanged thoughts etc. Allah, how I miss sitting next to him while he drives. 
  • Little that we know the route we chose was extremely congested. Heavy traffic had caused us to 'camp' for hours in our car. About an hour after we embarked on the journey home, Jundi woke up und pooed. 
  • Nice. At this stage now, we can no longer change his diaper in the car. So I did everything I could to calm him down as he was uncomfortable und started to scratch the itchy patches on his neck, ears und now arms. 
  • My eyes were on some cars when Jundi first started to scratch him arm. When I turned to him, he was already bleeding. Yes. Bleeding. T_T 
These are all the stuffs Jundi has to use at the moment.
Magic powder in the middle. It turns water into purple color.
Dr Usha said it helps to dry wounds. 

  • As a mother, I was definitely hurt und felt miserable for him. The exorbitant organic creams have finally succumbed to the infected wounds. From the thick paste Butt Naked Baby to the silky Buds Super Soothing lotion, none of em works now.
  • So Syahmi und I decided to bring Jundi for a check up at a clinic near our home. We had anticipated that the GP (almost a skin specialist)  would prescribed steroidal cream oder some sort. 
  • True enough. Dr. Usha was extremely certain that the open wounds on Jundi's arms were already infected. Thus she put Jundi on a strict skin treatment regime. Und as expected, a steroidal cream was then introduced. 
Products we have been using so far. Not in photo:Fresh goat's milk und air zam zam.
  • Jundi is now on antibiotic (consume) as well. The first kind of med he has to consume at the age of 9 months. 
  • I never thought that our son needs to go through such severe eczema. Aber other children with other types of illness have to go through a lot more. 
  • We have nothing to complain about. I always tell Jundi how excellent he is und whenever he feels itchy, pain oder uncomfortable, Allah loves him. 
  • I am not going to make review on products we have used so far in this entry. Not now. Jundi has been calling me from his crib/playpen. Will write later. 
  • Please make doa for our son. Jazakumullah khayran. 


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