Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ayla: Roh sabar...
Syahmi: I sabar dengan you.
Ayla: I sabar that's why I stay.

mmmm....mother is at it again....

  • Syahmi was trying to tell me on how patient he was with me. Aber I wanted him to know that nobody is ever patient enough for someone else.  
  • Und now, after Jundi was born, I believe that, no one has MORE patience than anyone else. We are all equal. It is all about how we manage our sabr (patience) depending on SITUATION und the PERSON we're dealing with.
  • A few days after nikah, my mother in law reminded me to be patient (sabar). She went on und shared her experience about being patient with her husband @ my father in law und how that has helped her in her marriage. From that on, I continue to observe, them. 
  • Not just her, other people had warmly reminded me to have sabr (patience). 
  • Danke schon (thank you) all.
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  • For the past few days, I gave myself thoughts about divorce (not that Syahmi und I are heading this way =p nauzubillahiminzalik). I came to a conclusion that not everyone file for a divorce due to lack of patience. 
  • You see, one needs to be stronger to face the process of getting a divorce. Und the aftermath requires tons of patience too. How can one just simply chuck everything he/she had into a bin?
  • The past will surely continue to play in one's mind. The experience. The empathy. Etc.
  • It's like the Haunting. I guess it's more difficult when children are involved.
  • Some file for a divorce just to move on. To move on. To get out of the misery of being treated unkindly (badly) by the spouse. Well, as we all know that not everyone is well 'equipped' with the ilmu about marriage.  
  • I myself have little knowledge about marriage. I don't think my husband knows from A to Z either aber I realize that we both are still trying very hard to understand und to adapt to each other's tune. People change und we too, constantly changing. 
  • My mother had taught me to embrace life und to always be grateful with all calamities. Remember, after every hardship comes ease. Allah doesn't lie und we Muslims believe that. 
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  • Life is not easy y'all. So lets not deliberately invite more troubles into life. Be merry.
  • Remember the good things others had done to us. 
  • That should help us in being nice too.
  • Make Doa to Allah for patience. Lets together make doa for everything.
  • Remember, DO NOT judge a divorcee. You might just become one of them, Allah knows. 
  • Be merry, Be merry.


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