Buchstaben O, Ostrich!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • Syahmi brought us to an ostrich farm somewhere in Port Dickson. I once told myself not to go to PD for any other reason(s) except for visiting relatives, aber ...
  • Allah knows well.
Someone received ein kuss from an ostrich. Weee!

  • Jundi had fun especially when a kid (goat) chased him for food. Ha ha ha. Hamboi mother gelak...kambing datang you lari tinggal anak pula.
  • Sorry love. If it was a tiger, I would have saved you first ;-)
  • The fee is RM15/adult. Not sure the fee for kids aber Jundi had free entry.
  • Available animals: turkeys, camel, iguana?, rabbits, guinea pigs, rooster, and donkeys/mules.
Donkey? Mule? 

  • If you're in PD aber tired of playing at the beach, you might want to take your kids here, Ostrich Farm. I give 4/10 for cleanliness aber 8.5/10 for experience. Well, I'm happy whenever Jundi is ;)
  • You can even feed most animals and have a race with the ostrich! 
Hold me Tok Mama before I turn into a chick.


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