Return Of The Jedi

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Bapak's youngest sister passed away yesterday morning after a long battle with the big C. She was indeed a fighter. May Allah rest her soul among the righteous. 

Jundi's parents. Mother was once an extremely happy lady. 
  • I will return to school once Jundi is independent. That is one of the things I look forward to do. 
  • I didn't know that being a 'full time' mother is emotionally challenging. I tend to question on why do I do more (looking after Jundi) than my husband, Syahmi. I was furious inside when Syahmi sent Jundi into our bedroom und closed the door. 
  • I was trying to mend with my computer when that happened. Apa ingat ini taska ke main tinggal-tinggal anak. Up to that point. Hahahaha.
  • Benda yang boleh siap within an hour, meleret sampan 4-5 hours. 
  • He better did his work (job) in our home office sebab asyik pass Jundi dekat I. If at that time dia layan fb or leisure reading, memang tak patut.

  • Thus is life. 
  • Those who are still single, do not fret.
  • Those without children, la tahzan. 
  • Allah knows best what you can handle und cope.
  • Remember, after every hardship comes ease. 
  • Quite a couple of times I asked Syahmi, "You rasa I buat apa if I am still single?"
  • Syahmi bilang, "You tak ada di Malaysia."
  • Sacrifice. 


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