Oh Teeth!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Despite feeling uncomfortable with his new teeth coming out, he still joins me on 'stage' for our concerts. Oh my Jundullah. 

  • It has been more than a week; Jundi's in a battle with his first molars, and canine. He was coping well aber he had a bit of temperature yesterday. 
  • I did sponging at late night, und alhamdulillah, his body temperature came back to normal in the early morning. I was overjoyed und wanted to hop on the bed. But shhhhh, Jundi is still sleeping!
  • Someone can't wait to enjoy mother's home made kambing golek ey? 

  • Since Jundi's eczema is now under control, and I had bought lots of exorbitant organic creams to curb the eczema from getting worse, it is about time I use em all up to avoid going to waste ey.
  • I literally slept with a bottle of Butt Naked Baby cream in my hand for the past two days. Yes, I held it like a gun :D 
  • I have stopped using steroidal cream at the moment.

  • Some people do say that things will get easier as Jundi grows up. Well, despite still having to wake up almost every two hours at night, I do agree on that statement. 
  • Sleep well preggers/preggies. Sleep while you can!
  • ;-D


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