Support System

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I had seen a snippet about the FV founder on television. She mentioned on how important a support system is. I second that. 
  • When I was in the third month of my pregnancy (carrying Jundullah), I developed terrible morning sickness. Alright, not just during the day aber night too. The sickness stayed with me until just a few days before Jundullah came out of my womb. 
  • Due to the dreadful sickness, I could not focus on The Sale. I became a different person. I was not meticulous und my energy level was mostly at the rock bottom. I was always feeling nausea und felt like shaving my hair; bald. 
  • So yeah there you go The Sale. My priority changed once again.
Jundullah's skin was better when we stayed in Abu Dhabi.
But the eczema got worsen a few days after we arrived home in Malaysia.

  • As of support system in nurturing Jundullah und to care for my family, Syahmi und I had decided not to hire any helper. It means that we need to care, mend, fix und etc. ourselves. OURSELVES.
  • Thus being the next rich und famous human sapien is not my concern (at the moment hahaha). Syahmi und I want to look after Jundullah ourselves instead of having a helper to clean, feed, play, und scold him.
  • Due to that, it doesn't seem right for Syahmi und I to complain about being tired. Well well well, since I had the chance to breastfeed Jundullah until he was two year and a month old, of course I was sleep deprived und sang the "fatigue" song on most days :p
  • The point is, I do not leave Jundullah with other people so that I can resume working on The Sale like what I used to do; FOCUS. 
  • The support system we decided to practice was und still: between just the two of us.
  • So how do I work on The Sale nowadays? The answer is plain easy; while Jundullah is asleep.
Support system.
Shall we graduate together once again?

  • Yeah, if you want to go all out on your projects, you need someone to look after your babies. I'm NOT saying this is a terrible thing. It is about your priority and the 'parenting' style you want to adopt. By all means, do it your way.
  • Because indeed I'm enjoying my way at the moment :D
  • Just make sure that your support system is reliable. You don't want to be leaving your kids with Joker oder Mr. Riddle.
  • hehehehehe. 


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